Stair climbers for evacuation have become a popular choice amongst organisations as an alternative solution to the evacuation chair. Below are the top reasons for why our customers have chosen the powered stair climber evacuation chair.

  • Basement evacuation - Our Stair climbers for evacuation can be safely tracked or climbed by battery power up the stairs from a basement to bring employees, colleagues or residents to safety in the event of a fire.
  • Safety - Our Stair climbers have features that increase the speed of ascend and descend when required for evacuation while eliminating any weightbearing for the operator, a great alternative to the evacuation chair.
  • Single transfer - Our Stair Climbers require just a single trained individual to make a single transfer to operate the stair climber in the event of an emergency.
  • Storage - The Stair Climber can be stored away safely when not in use but easily accessible in the event of an emergency evacuation. Batteries can be charged separately to ensure a full charge when required.

Our specialist fire evacuation consultant Bill offers 40 years experience working as a highly respected officer in the London Fire Brigade. He advocates our Stair climbers for evacuation solution and has trained our team to offer the best advice when on site assessments.

What our customer have to say!

  • We own a building on the City of London fringe with a training company as tenant of the lower ground floor. They train a broad range of individuals, including people with mobility restrictions.

    There are lifts available for access during normal working conditions, but our issue was how to evacuate wheelchair users upstairs in an emergency and the lifts close down. The answer was a powered stair-climber. The Stair Climbing Company responded swiftly to our enquiry and arranged a demonstration at short notice. Their recommended Sky Line unit fitted the bill perfectly.

    Andrew Thomson
    The Freshwater Group of Companies

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The Stair Climbing Company provided great and responsive service which helped minimise disruption to the lives of the residents.

J. O’Connor Ltd. Managing Director