Raising the Standards of Stair Climbing Solutions

The Stair Climbing Company support people and businesses that are looking for a mobility solution for stairs, as an alternative to stair lifts or where there are no available options.

Our mobile battery-powered Stair Climbers provide an mobility access solution to improve independent living in a home or ‘Access for all’ to a venue or business.

Ten reasons to hire or purchase a Stair Climber?

Our powered Stair Climbers start from £3,999 and our Stair Climber hire starts from £350 per week. Please contact us at The Stair Climbing Company to discuss your Stair Climber service requirements and organise a free Stair Climber demonstration. See our customers top ten reasons for getting in touch with the Stair Climbing Company!

  • Stair climbers provide you peace of mind that a safe solution is in place when there is no alternative stair accessibility option available. We have Stair Climbers with a seated option or those that transform into a wheelchair carrier.
  • Stair Climbers provide an alternative solution to an evacuation chair in the event of an emergency. The only evacuation chair option available to climb up stairs from a basement.
  • Older buildings often have narrow or curved stairs and small landings that may struggle to accommodate a stair lift. Our Sky Climber range is compact in design to suit small spaces. Especially great for residential properties and curved Stair Cases.
  • The Stair Climber doesn’t rely on a permanent fixture or require adaption to your property, venue or business.
  • A Stair Climber can be easily transported in a small car and can also be deployed across multiple venues, properties and sites.
  • The battery powered operation of a Stair Climber means there is minimal manual handling for you, carers or staff.
  • The Stair Climber offers you a cost-effective solution in comparison to other permanent solutions such as Stair Lifts or Platform Lifts.
  • In the event of lift failure or planned lift maintenance work the Stair Climber provides an immediate mobility solution for upper level access.
  • If a lift is out of action temporarily and you are awaiting parts, the Stair Climber can be used as a temporary solution.
  • When not in use the Stair Climber can be stored safely out of sight.

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